Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review, Airsoft SKS

Now, to start off with, this is a cheap POS toy gun.

Just so you know up front. It's was bought with the forethought to take off the bayonet for a AK type 56 build.
I got it off Ebay for around 15.00 including shipping.
Listed on Ebay as 

New Toy Spring AIRSOFT RIFLE Gun Sniper Guns Full Size

No sense in posting a URL as it will be off soon, but he seems to always have some listed, and is fast to ship. 

I came packed in this nice crinkly Chinese almost plastic bag,

with convenient hanging hole in the cardboard top for display! 

No instructions at all though.

I must say, I was surprised when I took it out of the bag and did the long and arduous job of assembly
( I popped the front end into the rear end, about 15 seconds of hard work)
Over all, the guns length is 34" with the bayonet folded, that's about 6 inches less than a real one, 
but still in the ball park.
Weight of course leaves something to be desired, it's all plastic ( except for the screws and spring) and it tips the scales at a whopping 1 Lb 8 oz's ( Real steel would run you about 8.8 Lbs)

The right side of the stock has the standard China crap screw holes very evident.
Although the stock is a fleshy color, I have seen almost this color on RS SKS's before.

To load, pour in 20 or so 6 mm bb's into this port, that you access by lifting the rear site.
Close it down and pull back on the cocking handle.
Field testing was only about 30 minutes for this gun 
( I didn't want anyone to see me shooting it, I have a rep you know)
I put 100 rds though it, and was surprized that the FPS stayed the same 
I cronoed 5 at the start and 5 at the end.

.25 Excell bb's clocked in at a 5 shot average of 178 FPS, pretty respectable for a cheap crap gun.
Max range that I could reliably hit a man sized target was 32 ft, you could get the bb's to 75 ft, but you would have to aim at the moon to do it, so I going to call 75 ft the max range for bb travel.
No hop up, so I did not shoot for groups.

The bayonet folds out just like the real one, but it clicks in place instead of being spring loaded like the RS.

The bayonet looks like it was copied from a parade rifle, highly chromed  (plastic) and the correct "pig sticker" style.
One downside is that when folded, the blade flops all over, if you are going to take this out in the field, put a black rubber band around the barrel to hold it tight.

In summery,  I was impressed with the power of this toy, if you need some cheap VN era props, with a little putty and paint this could work for you.
When time permits I plan on a little modding to make this into at least a decent looking prop gun for our annual VN game here in NC. Might be a project for the coming winter months.
It's cheap in price and feel, but I think it's the only game in town anymore for a airsoft SKS.

I had told you I had some strange guns to test, everything from soup to nuts.
Upcoming ones will cover, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
Stay tuned.

Till tomorrow
Stay Thirsty, my friends.


  1. i have the same for 3 euros + аммо

  2. How much did you buy for that?, is it available in the Asian region?

  3. I bought it off Ebay a while back, there do not seem to be anymore on there. When I bought it there were 50 or so posted but that was a few years ago