Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Yes I am.
I missed another Monday, but I have an excuse.
I believed that the nefarious forces that are constantly pitted against me had been beaming pain rays 
into Skull Island to give me crushing migraines and keeping me from posting the truth about airsoft.

After three days of wearing a tin foil beret with no relief I finally broke down and went to my sawbones.

A huge sinus infection has invaded my skull and taken up residence
( and if you've seen my head, you know how massive that infection must be).

A few more days of huge horse pills, cold compress and a lot of crying and whining and I should be as 
"right as the mail" ( extra points if you know what movie that's from).

I had finished my review on a Flintlock airsoft pistol I found, I will post it soon.
As of now, I have a date with a bottle of Bourbon and a dark room, I dont want to be late!

Until tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

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