Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Tale of Two books

They were the best of books, they were the worst of books,
let's start out with the worst.

On a recent trip to TREXPO, I popped into a used book store that I like near DC. I bought two books, this one and the Horse soldiers.
This book, in very simple terms, sucks. The writing is at about 5th grade level with so much repetition
that I hope he was getting paid by the word.
Charles Faddis would have had us out of Iraq by 2003, if we had just let him, at least this book tells you that.
The book goes from a high school type whine about how much Bush sucked, to how we need to disband the CIA and reorganize it as a OSS style system with "Demo Dick Marchino" as it's head (with a salary of 1,000,000.00 a year) when I read that part I spit hamburger helper all over my dining table!
We also need to make AlGore the head of global warming so he can save us all.
I am going to keep the book a few more days so that I can quote it verbatim to some friends, I am then going to trash it, I have only done that one time before, but I would hate to think someone else would have to spend money to read this tripe.

I just finished this book, it was everything that "Operation Hotel California" was not.
This is a great read, a very well written account of the first troops on the ground in Afghanistan.
Run and buy this one, if your tastes lean towards modern war history, this will be a treat for you.  

I guess you should never judge a book by it's cover,
( I know, I'm almost 50 and I should have learned that by now,
I am slow, give me a break).

I just needed to share these insights with you so I can save you guys money, 
really, the 1st book is that bad that it made me stay up till 1 AM to tell you about it.
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