Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Internet sites you should see.

And you wonder why I carry a 45, everywhere

Just some random info on some internet sites that I like or use.
1st site is a old school airsoft gun modder, he made some cool stuff, looks like he has quit though, no updates for a while, must have found out about girls!

Next one has some great info if you dig through the site, scenarios, mods and reviews. 

If your looking for reviews, this site has lots of older pistols and sub guns you might be looking at on Ebay
I always hit it 1st if I am looking up info on a pistol.

This is so me, always trying to be cool

Now, if you are just looking for fun, this is my favorite time killing website.
I mainly go into it to edit others mistakes, because I know all, about everything. Sometimes though it is just fun to click random page and see what comes up. Do not believe everything you read on here though, I have not got to "every" page to edit it yet!!!!!

And I can use these, and still be fat!

This site is good if you are searching for a picture of a gun that is not in the mainstream.
If you are a "Firearm Enthusiast " (see Doug, I got it right) then it is just cool to click on guns you have never heard of, there are some strange ones on here.

For just killing time, you can not beat Cracked, I have spent many a sleepless evening on this site.

These guys have a great blog, another time waster
 Russia's new missile defense system, Kindda looks like the same one they had in WWII.

This site is opinionated, not very fond of airsofters, but has a very biting wit and some darn good info, Kind of like SOF magazine or Gung Ho in the old days.

Last one for now, great info here on Real steel guns
I lied, you also need to check this one out each day for gear, kit and weapons info for the military minded.
That's it for now, these links will keep you busy for a while.
Remember to look for NAFOM on facebook, we are up to 30 members now.
I am hopping to break 35 by months end, so pimp me out to all your friends.
Until tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty My Friends

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