Friday, July 2, 2010

I rarely, very rarely, have a OMFG moment

I rarely, very rarely, have a OMFG moment,
and I mainly rant only to my GF and a few selected others ( shut up Doug).
But when I saw this posting on Soliders systems I about lost my mind.
look at the price of this eye searing set 
Lets break that down
The E1B ( it could be a 80 lume light or 110, they have it listed different on different pages)
The Surefire pen
That is a total of $268.00
SOOOOOO,  for only $322.00 more, 
you get a wacky paint job, a wood box and 
the exclusivity of there only being 1800 sets in the whole world.
Is it me, is this a joke from the fun loving guys at Suefire?
I have at least 10 surefire flashlights around the house, so I am not a hater,
I am just flummoxed that 1800 people would shell out over double the value of the items, 
for a different color anodizing and a $3.00 wood box
I know this has nothing to do with Airsoft, except that a lot of us older guys use RS accessories a lot.
I just had to ask the question here, has surefire jumped the shark or what?
Please let me know your thoughts on the matter 

Until tomorrow
Stay thirsty my friends

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm..... Let me see. The way I see it: All flashlights are the same color when you're trying to find them in the dark, all pens look the same til you turn on a light in order to write something. Ink is ink so unless you're writing in a vacuum. I can't see paying that for "just a pen". I understand the whole "pride in ownership" thing but my commemoratives from that company are my 6P that I bought when it first came out and 2 1st. gen SF shotgun fore ends. All are still working and serviceable.
    I just can't see it.
    I also couldn't resist, either!!
    Maybe I can win one in a drawing or something!