Friday, January 13, 2012

Watch out Las Vegas, your about to get BEAT DOWN

Well, it is 2012
Friday the 13th at that!
NAFOM and the crew from Beat Down Boogie are finishing up their packing.
We are headed out  to do some early recon before SHOT Show starts.
Snake and Ghost from MWGS, Dash and Percy from Myth Hunters, Matt and Micha and Brian and myself will be winging our way across the country this evening.
( if we all make it though security that is)
Watch here and here for some great pic's and videos as we tour first the Army Navy Military Expo, 
and then the ginormous industry only SHOT Show
A lot of media will be at SHOT, and you will have a lot of choices as to what to look at, hopefully, due to the BDB crew we will be one of them.

If your lucky enough (or cursed, depends on how you look at it) to be in Las Vegas this weekend or coming week, look me up. Write a comment or come by booth 26206 (FoxFury lighting)
I promise not to chase you off my lawn with a M1 Grand.

You should be able to find me, few people at shot dress like this

Now you see why I am fretting security

 You can find many types of guns at SHOT, I hope to find a BULL PUNCHER

Friday the 13th, Great day to fly!

All of us, on this plane? Boy, the airlines are really cutting back!

See you tomorrow
And remember
Stay Thirsty My Friends.
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