Monday, January 2, 2012

Vote early and Vote often

2 APCA Finals
The nominations have been counted and the nominees have been narrowed down to five (5) finalists per category for the 2nd Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. We are excited to find out who shall be the winners as selected by you by the end of January 2012. Thus, it's time for the finalists and their supporters to rally once again to gather as many votes as they can to be finally chosen as winners.

 Wow, it's a pleasure just to be in the top 5, and to be the only English language blog that is totally self funded with no sponsors. That right, all out out my pocket. ( wait a minute, everyone else get's paid, Damn, did I miss a memo or something, what a chump)

Vote now for me, Just so I can at least have a vote or two. In reality, the other blogs are better than mine, but come on, they all eat broccoli and vote for "no child left behind" .  Remember I am old, they are young and will have many other chances to win. Also remember, it is 2012 now, if you don't vote for me the world might end.
If I win I will have a huge party and drink a beer for every vote, if I lose I will have a huge party and drink a beer for every vote I didn't get (win,win for me).
A vote for my competitors is a vote for the apocalypse, a vote for NAFOM is a vote for a bright and shiny future with flying cars and unicorns and sno-cones for everyone.

 "Tim really thinks he has a chance, HAAAAAAAAAA"

"Vote now, and stay the hell off my lawn!"

  "Freedom, Mom, apple pie and NAFOM, that's why I carry two uzi pistols"

"I voted for NAFOM because he rocks a monocle better than even me"

The last guy who didn't vote for Tim

"I voted for NAFOM because he has cupcakes, strange one's, but hey, they are still cupcakes"

Until Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty My Friends 

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