Monday, January 16, 2012

Shooting Machine Guns at SHOT

Look at the trouble we got into in LV
The guys from Beat Down Boogie had big grins shooting the belt feds.
You might see the big Austrian in a pic or two
(Scaar from AATV)
Sam from Xcaliber tactical set it up for us to shoot
Special thanks to the men and lovely ladies from Machine Guns Vegas


  1. Thank you guys for coming out last night! we hope you had a good time. Be sure to check us out at

  2. First of all Tim i would like to congratulate you to get nominated for the Best Airsoft Blog in 2nd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards.I think it’s a pleasure just to be in the top 5, and to be the only English language blog that is totally self funded with no sponsors.

  3. Yes, it's really cool! You continue to inspire us with what you do. We also love airsoft guns and we're looking forward to more of your posts!