Monday, March 28, 2011

TT-33 Tokarev by KWA Review, (Kindda,sorta)

,This is an airsoft gun I am amazed that 10 companies don't already make.

I know there have been versions in the past, but as you all know these have been very hard to find.

With the fact that so many choose a soviet loadout,
I have always thought that some one was missing the bus on this.
You could always get by with a CZ-75 for a 80's and up loadout, but if you were trying for anything WWII and later you were sunk like an Italian sub with a screen door.


KWA in it's infinite wisdom has decided the long drought of Soviet handguns (or Chinese type 54)
is OVER.
Here is the link to some real steel history on this piece of handgun engineering.
Now that you know the history, here is the "sorta" review,
I say that because this was the prototype and I did not get to shoot it. 
So this is more like a , hey, this looks and handles well, review.

I kinnda said it all in that last sentence, it looks and handles well.
Great weight at 1lb 10ozs ( about 5ozs less than a real one)
Nice overall black finish with no trades.
The no trades I can live with, as I have owned a few of these in RS that had very few markings on them at all.
The black finish looks good, but I predict that most of these will be "aged" as soon as the are purchased.

I think I have owned 5 or so RS one's over the years,
I don't remember one that had more than a trace of finish on them by the time they got to my hands.

The grips even feel cheap, just like the real one's.

Even though I did not get to shoot it, come on, it's a KWA.
I own many of this brands GBB's and have yet to buy one new that sucked.

I will buy one for testing as soon as they land in the US.
I will update you at that time.
Just know for now, all of you wanting to complete that Czech, Commissar or NVA loadout,
Your wait is almost over.

"Look over here guys, I just got my KWA,
Ahh shit,,,HIT"

Till Tomorrow
Stay thirsty my friends

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  1. It's a real surprise for me. I have missed Hudson's TT-33 and finally started to make my own from scratch. The first version will be GNBB based on STTI 1911s and will be made of ABS sheets.
    Could you tell me how and where you got the chance to be so close to this baby?

  2. KWA was a sponsor and vendor at the NAA Expo this year in High point NC. I had seen it at their booth at the SHOT show but did not have time to take pictures. getting some "one on one" with it at the expo was great. I put my order in for one out of the 1st batch that arrives into the US, just don't know when that will be!!

  3. Hello,
    We had to wait more than a year to have it on the market.
    Couple of days ago I was lucky to have one. It is not ideal but in comparison to Crossman and Gletcher is definitely the best replica of present time.
    My short review on it can be seen here