Thursday, March 24, 2011

North Atlantic Airsoft Expo Picture wrap up

So here it is, 
It was a lot of work, a whole lot of fun and
I can't wait till next year. 

 Pyamind air had a great display of just some of their wares, New Vendor for this year
 FoxFury Lighting had a display of their tactical lights.
 Big Boy Toys was back for their second year as a major sponsor of the Expo

NC Team SG-12 had a great display again this year of some of the Stargate inspired weapons.

 KWA showed up, and did it right.
They had prototypes on display and guns to test on the range.

 Cool Combat, a local NC field had a nice display and video running showing off the field attributes.

 Smart Target LLC was here as well, introducing the newest line of RS targets to the airsoft market

 Shoot My Ash, funny name but a fantastic idea. Wood based target system with feedback

 Crazy Cro Mag, he came to sell with a huge amount of items

 The last pic's have all been from Crazy Cro mags booth, it was a very bigggggg Booth

 On Target airsoft brought the whole line of S-thunder products to shoot and test, 
those mines are loud puppies.

 ARES uncasing the BIG Dogs, and a grease gun to boot
 Extra Picture of the Grease Gun, just because I covet it soooo much
Pantac stepped up  this year and brought the full line, what a display.
It was also nice that if you found something you liked, right next door was Cro Mag with it for sale.

The door ran to a little over 700 people, up from last year.
A drenching rain on Sunday kept some home, but the brave souls who ventured out in it got the opportunity to compete in the Tactical shoot off and some other great activity's .

 Fluke was our winner of the vintage loadout trophy.
and rightly so.

 some of the loadout competitors

 Did I mention KWA was there? They won the "BEST VENDOR" award, 

 Snake from MWGS ( the youtube sensation) and Micah were on hand to sign posters and film
Snake seemed to enjoy himself

Lots of other bloggers and video crews were there to show what you missed, but I guess like me, it's taking them a little time to edit ( I am just old and lazy as hell )

This video is exclusively for the Grand Inquisitioner, who seems to think us southerners are a bunch of hicks, showed you huh? 

If you didn't make it this year, you missed a hell of a show,
If you don't make it next year, come on, are you really an airsofter?
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