Thursday, February 3, 2011

North Atlantic Airsoft Expo is almost here.

Yes it's getting to be that time again.

less than a month away at this point, everything is pointing towards a great second year.

last year was a great start, and attendees had good things to say about us, this year we continue to grow.
The vendor list is reading like a who's who of airsoft, 
Ares, Big Boys Toys, Crazy Cromags, KWA, Systema, Pantech, Pyramid Air and many other vendors will be in attendance to show off there new guns and gear.
We just reached the mark of our 25th vendor coming on board today.
(To give you an idea, there were less than 20 true airsoft vendors at SHOT show in 2011)

We are also proud to have some of the stars and production gurus from the youtube hit

Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid



They will be at the expo mingling and shooting a new youtube vid.

If you have the chance, please come on by and enjoy the weekend.

If you have the money, spring for the VIP ticket, 

we have a great party planed for Friday night for those who do.

Look back thru some of my postings last year for pictures of 2010's inaugural outing.

See you there.

 I hope the weather holds and we don't get two feet of snow!

Till tomorrow,

Stay Thirsty my friends.

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