Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here is something I don't see often

This is a positive story about airsoft by the news media.


Taking the game outside: Fun for families with avid gamers

We're officially more than one decade into the 21st century and our kids are all about high-speed, instant updates, high-tech gadgetry and simulated reality. Of course, we all want more time with our family. Children who spend extra recreational time with their families are significantly less likely to develop substance habits later in life, according to a recent study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

It's harder than ever to get your family to go out and do something that doesn't involve a TV screen, but there are ways. The modern family picnic has to cater to these modern high-interaction family dynamics, but what can compare to the entertainment value of the countless satellite channels and ultra high-def games kids play at home on the couch? Try looking for inspiration in the video games kids play - and then take it outside.

While you wouldn't want the gun battles that are so popular among gamers to be translated literally, a fun, safer version of them might just show your kids how great it can be to switch off the gaming console. For instance, Airsoft, is a sport played with replica firearms, conceived in Japan in the 1970s, is one idea. It's a competitive recreation that involves tactics, team work and physical endurance and has a strong cult following.

"Airsofters" range from the casual weekend renters to the hard core MilSim (military simulation) crowd who camp with their platoons for days or even weeks in the wilderness. The U.S. military and some state law enforcement agencies even use higher-end Airsoft guns to train their operatives due to the metal models' realistic feel and weight.

With appropriate safety precautions, (eye/face protection) "airsofting" is completely safe and fun for all ages, in addition to being affordable. There are many quality airsoft retailers like Airsplat where you can get a good spring powered pistol for less than $10. For families with avid gamers, it might just be an untapped source of entertainment that no 21st century kid would turn down.

Parents, just think of the reaction your teenage video-gamer would have if you handed him a pistol and said, "We're are going to an obstacle field to shoot at each other with replica guns. Are you game?" And kids might be surprised what their parents would be up for if it involves the whole family having fun outdoors.

kudos go to KBVI, east Idahos news leader for reprinting what looks like a Airsplat  PR release.

Any good news we can get I am all for.

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