Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry Guys,,,,,

When I was trying to leave Columbus OH on Thursday morning, some one 
(they drove off) 
hit me from behind 
and drove me into a bridge abutment at 55MPH.
 I got some what busted up, but my poor baby F-150 became a F-75 1/2 real quick.
As I fractured  my right wrist from the airbag deploying, I have to type left handed. 
That being said, I wont be posting much for a little while,
I did find some cool stuff that I will be testing and visited the "Airsoft Smith" 
which was a great store.
Reviews in a little while. 
Until then,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

Just got a new Enchanter mobile
And here she is

Even has a old man step on the tailgate!

 Rip 2006-Sept2010

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