Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes, I am still alive!

Well so far, I have lost my main computer and had to buy a new one, and today lost my cell phone, so as you can see I have had many impediments to posting new reviews.
I hope that is all behind me now and I can get a little better at being timely!

Reviews to come

Cybergun Thompson Chicago Typewriter

Tanaka heavyweight 6 1/2 S&W model 29

Tanaka heavyweight S&W model R8

TSD model Benelli M3 collapsible stock model

I have also picked up some unique items to help out in the field , cheap. I will put them to the test and see how they work.

Updates on the FNC and Zombie killer project also due out, not much good news on those parts.

Stay tuned and bear with me, it will get better ( of course, I have been telling my girlfriend that for ten years) 

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