Tuesday, September 22, 2009

KWA Mac 11 NS2 version Review

I have been a Mac fan for many years. I have fired many "real steel" models throughout those years in all of the different incarnations and calibers, even owned a mac 11 for a while ( .380 ammo has never been cheap).

My love affair with this little "room broom" carried over into my early days in airsoft when we imported the MGC blowback mac-11's. They were a lot of fun, but you soon tired of the shell reloading and the cleanup that was required.

When I returned to airsoft a few years ago, my 2nd, 5th and 10th and 11th purchases were of this model from different manufacturers. I have had the HFC, Marusin and the KSC/KWA. All of them worked for me and I even carried one around in the 1st two games that I played.

All this is but a prelude to the review on the newest 11 to hit the market, the KWA NS2 version.

This new version NS2 system is described by KWA in their words,
"In the heart of the new M11A1 SMG is a brand new lightweight alloy bolt featuring the NS2 gas system with a redesigned composite jet nozzle for improved performance and durability. The hop-up unit has also been redesigned to incorporate a integrated feed ramp for positive feeding during continuous full-auto operations. Another new feature is the addition of the impact block reset to increase cyclic rate and improve overall reliability. New M11A1 magazines now feature reinforced feed lips and silent fill valves. Taking full advantage of the NS2 design, the new M11A1 fires at an average of 330 FPS with an impressive ROF of 25 to 28 rounds per second."

Comparing it to a older model (with a G&P metal body kit and some upgrades, come on, I don't think I ever owned anything that stayed stock for long)  you can see some of the differences.

new on left old on right                                         same here

As you can see, the mags are not interchangeable.

This is my G&P model, nice trades
The KWA has no trades on it.

Both are close in looks, the KWA model has a plastic body though, I have seen a few reviews that have said it was metal, sorry, it's not. Metal stock and bolt though

Weight on the KWA without the mag was 1lb 15oz and the mag weighs in at a hefty 15.5ozs by itself.
The G&P has a gun weight of 2lbs 7oz and the mag weighs in at 16ozs, about 8 1/2ozs heavier.

I was able to get two full mag loads out of a green gas fill, in filling the mag I used the very scientific method of counting  until the gas came out around the fill valve, Average count I found was 25.

Although I have read a few reviews that put the FPS at 375-380 I was only able to achieve a 345 FPS average in outside temperature conditions at 83 degrees.

Rate of fire was high, 1200 to 1310 rpm out of a ten mag test.

Accuracy, come on, your kidding right!
That being said, it is really not that bad. I will be doing some more tests in the next few days and will let you know. 

 I could not find any difference in the two guns as far as performance went.
My G&P is a few years old but has a tad bit higher fps, and the same basic gas consumption and velocity .
Longevity I can not speak on yet, that maybe where the NS 2 system shines.

One thing about these that you can not harp on enough is, DO NOT INSERT A MAGAZINE WITH THE BOLT IN THE FORWARD POSITION.
you will screw up your mags, and then the only thing they are good for is to stake down the follower in the mag and use it as a "dry fire" mag only. ( I do have a few of those that I keep in a diffrent mag pouch, if I run out of loaded mags in the field, I put one of the DF mags in and man, does it work to keep pursuers heads down! Don't tell anyone)

So, to get to the question, should you get the new NS 2 system?

If your a diehard hardcore Mac fan, yes, it is suposed to last longer.

Average Joe that just wants a fun gun for field use once or twice and to impress his friends, no.

Street price is running at  Airsoft Atlanta   139.00
                                       Shorty               139.00
                                       Airsplat              139.00
                                       Evike                  140.00
Do you see a trend here?

If you don't have one, get one. Get a HFC or a KWA, whatever you can afford, buy a couple extra mags and you will have a blast. this and the 93r are the most fun airsoft guns made, when most people pull the trigger for the 1st time, they giggle, I swear. Even the hardcore gunnys get a charge out of firing one of these.

Build quality       8/10
FPS                  10/10
Sheer fun nus      11/10

Let me know if I missed anything, till next time, CK6 and remember you only have 1*

Found a neat front grip for the mac at 

A little pricey at 55.00, but very cool none the less


  1. Is it still possible to aquire the older mags or are they now out of production?

  2. There are still a bunch of the older mags on Ebay, I need to pick up a few myself before they dry up.