Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Y'all

With the new year rapidly approaching my lair deep in the heart of North Carolina, 
I want to share with you some of the things the new year will bring at NAFOM

I have been amassing some guns to review, as anyone who has read this blog before knows, I like strange stuff.
My newest acquisition has been a Tanaka Colt Combat Python, 3" in Midnight gold.
Was shooting for a modern PI style with this pic, Kind of a updated "Last Boy Scout" look

I also have a dozen or so revolvers to add to the review mix, in addition to a Digicon straight, a Calico 1000, AGM Sten and some other oddities I have picked up here and there.

SHOT show is coming fast, 16 days and counting until the trek to Las Vegas begins again.
I will try and update you from the show, so keep a close eye on this site on January 18th thru the 23ed.

My goal this year is to do one review every two weeks, 
I never make my goals but some doctor somewhere 
( court appointed, more than likely)
told me it was good to have goals.

Here are a few guns I will not be reviewing

This is the new desert eagle in 50 cal BMG, grip is a little slim for my taste.

A Practical AK, but I am not a big AK fan

Please join me in the new year, and tell all your friends to come on by,
we should have a laugh or two and maybe you will pick up some info you didn't know about.

And remember, always have a backup plan,

I hope the new year is the best one so far for you, may you never run out of battery power in a skirmish, 
may your GBB's always stay lubed 
and may all your bb's fly true.
As I just turned another year older, this is what I have to look forward to this year

I have to add a addendum to this post.
After reading a lot of the blogs I follow tonight, I have found that most of them have HUGE plans for 2011.
Writing books, opening stores, having movies made about their blog ,
everyone has better goals than I set for myself. 
So here are my new goals.
I have been talking with my dog Chance ( Dollie, the female puppy wants nothing to do with this) and we are going to
I got the idea when Geoff, the metal mohawk haired robot on the Craig Ferguson show, started sending me coded signals thru my new HD TV.

I will release more info on the plan later, as I will need more henchmen for my plans of
(That's better than any old movie, book or store any day)

Till tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty My Friends.
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