Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on H& Kocks lawsuits against Airsoft

 I told you I would try and keep you up to date on the on going lawsuits by H & Kock
This is one that I have found an Update on, HK vs Hobbytron
Looks like Hobbytron did lose $51,000 or so,
but the judgment was set aside do to faulty service of summons.

On the other lawsuits, this is the latest info I could find

Looks like they are still going forward, as far as I can tell.
This is an update to this old post of mine.
As I said in the last post, I hate that this is going on,
I understand why they are doing it, but still hate it is happening. 
Why can't we all just get along!!!!!!!!

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  1. Tim, I am the General Manager of one of the airsoft retailers in the suit with Continental (attorney office that approached H&K about this and is running it). Most of the cases have been transferred out of Continental's jurisdiction, Illinois, and in to the proper court (they filed nearly ALL of their suits in the wrong courts jurisdiction at first). It seems that most people are coming to settlements and being blanketed in most of the Distributor's settlements. Sadly this does not apply to brands like Tokyo Marui and others that have no US distributor. What sucks is that the airsoft industry in the US and EU is really falling under the monopoly/wrath of Cybergun and their likeminded, moneygrubbing, lawyer friends. Airsoft will become a 1 choice per gun type on most things.