Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A true Hero

Tucson Shooting Hero Joe Zamudio

Most of the time, I am in this for fun, I have tried to keep most of my views on real steel out of the blog equation.

If you will grant me this one indulgence, I will return to the regular scheduled program next post.

I do not believe in Grandstanding these events, so I wont even mention the shooter.
What I do believe is a hero is one that runs toward the sounds of  gunfire when most everyone else runs away.
I don't care what will come out once the media get digging into this guy, what I do care, is at that moment, he chose the hard course and ran  to the fracas, not away.

Tucson is where I was born, so I feel a connection still to it.
I have carried a concealed handgun for many years, taught tactics and hope like hell if I am faced with a situation I would be able to do what this gentleman did.

My feeling is that this is the guy who should be honored at the SHOT show next week,
I mentioned it on my Facebook page and have already got donations to get him there, I just have no way of contacting him. 
Looks like a job for tomorrow.


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