Friday, October 15, 2010

Beat down Boogie

Modern Film making at its best.

We have all seen the slock that Hollywood has been putting out for a while now.
Having worked for a while in the industry back in the old days
( just as a TA, never more than that),
I love to see the new direction that YouTube has taken the next Generation.
Airsoft guns are being used more and more these days,
They are safer, cheaper and with the effects being added in post, easier.
I remember the days of 20 takes because a Bren 10 would not cycle blanks reliably.
Here are some local film makers that are showing a huge talent for the art.
Check out their stuff, I still get a laugh every time I watch these.

They have some more on their You Tube channel
Give them a try, hope you are as impressed as I was.
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